Torre is the highest point in Serra da Estrela and in mainland Portugal only the Pico Mountain, in the Azores islands, has the highest altitude, at 2351 meters.

Torre (Tower) has the unusual feature of being accessible by a paved road at the end of which there is a roundabout with a symbolic monument of the tower. There is also a geodetic landmark (which marks the highest point of the Serra da Estrela) on the edge of the parishes of Unhais da Serra (Covilhã), São Pedro (Manteigas), Loriga (Seia) and Alvoco da Serra (Seia). Therefore it belongs to three municipalities: Covilhã, Manteigas and Seia. The altitude of Torre is 1993 meters, according to measurements made by the Army's Geographic Institute. 

Torre is famous for snowfall during the winter months, attracting a large number of tourists. During the summer, on clear days you can see even the sea.

On site there is a restaurant and shops with typical products of the region, such as Serra da Estrela cheese. The Serra da Estrela Ski Resort operates close to Torre.

We also recommend a visit to the Centro Interpretativo do Geopark Estrela.


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