Por motivos de saúde pública informamos que até ao dia 15 de abril de 2020 as reservas na Casa Cerro da Correia, Casa da Sicó e nas nossas atividades de Animação Turística.
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Casa Cerro
da Correia

The comfort of home in the heart of the mountain.


With a stunning view over the Zêzere Glacier Valley, Casa Cerro da Correia and Casa da Sicó are located in the heart of the Serra da Estrela Natural Park, 3 kms from Manteigas. 

Guests since

November 2016


Discovering the life of a shepherd, painting with natural paints or exploring the senses in the forest, are experiences a way to enter in communion with nature and discover the fauna and flora of the mountain.

Participants since

April 2017


In our breakfasts and snacks we use genuine local products such as fruit, honey, nuts and cheese from small producers, as well as bread and biscuits from the village bakeries. 

Meals served since

January 2017

Each of the accommodation has 4 bedrooms, living and dining rooms, equipped kitchen, heating, patio, garden, orchard and vegetable garden. 


With the experiences of Casa Cerro da Correia you will discover the mountain, immerse yourself in the communities that live here and explore your senses. In these activities we accompany the day of a shepherd and his herd, we see how the delicious cheese of Serra da Estrela is made and we forage the food with which we will cook traditional recipes of the region.

Casa Cerro da Correia's sustainability policy is reflected in the gastronomy services we provide: breakfast, lunch, picnics, tastings ... All recipes, both traditional and familiar, are based on Serra da Estrela's flavours. That's why we use produce from our vegetable garden or bought to local producers. We always try to serve genuine goods with excellent quality. 


Custom programs

Travel is for breathing, exploring, feeling and reflecting. A spirit that we celebrate in our programs of two or more nights. Each of these proposals has different characteristics. There are programs that include intense activities such as vigorous trails or climbing the rugged mountain slopes. For others we choose calm and exploratory experiences such as working your concentration, surrounded by the forest, or relaxing body and mind with massages and thermal baths.

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