in Autumn

The change on the color in oak, chestnut trees or beech tree's leafs, marks the beginning of a great season for hiking. In autumn, Casa Cerro da Correia's walks take place in a setting of awe and are accompanied by the taste of fresh mushrooms (picked up only with the support of experts) and newly matured chestnuts.

Looking for the most intense colors

In autumn the landscapes of Serra da Estrela gain a unique and emotional tone. The shades of red, yellow or brown become brighter. As we pass under the trees that are in a process of transformation, the sounds of falling leaves invade us. On the skin we feel its fragile and crunchy texture. The images are so beautiful that photographing becomes an obsession.

Ta lot of rain during the winter and strong summer sunshine helped the hives produce fat blackberries, very sweet and so purple that they almost look black. Even the goats delight in this delicacy offered by the mountain. We took beautiful handfuls of these and other wild berries and made, with our guests, a delicious compote.