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Throughout the week (from November 19th to 25th) it will snow almost every day in the highest areas of Serra da Estrela. The weather forecast of the amateur meteorologist, Vítor Baía, points to a weekend in which "there will already be some accumulation in the Torre area".

Near Lagoa Comprida the small autumn flowers (crocus) resisted the cold and the snow.

The snow began to fall at the end of October, right on top of Serra da Estrela. On a stroll through Vale do Rossim and Covão da Ametade, guests at Casa Cerro da Correia have seen landscapes created by light snow, autumn colors and flowers.

Every winter it snows at Casa Cerro da Correia, which is located at 900 meters altitude. There is a special silence when you wake up, look out the bedroom window and see the snow falling slowly, muffling all the sounds. The children love to play in the white cloak that covers the gardens, throwing snowballs and making snowmen.

From the accommodation we have a privileged view over the Zêzere River Glacier Valley, which is covered with snow on the highest parts of the mountain during the coldest season. In the first half of 2018 the white flakes came in for Easter inside, and on March 30 the Estrela remained ready for snow play and skiing.